CREDIBLE Case Studies

Some of the highlights from the CREDIBLE project are now available to download in a series of case studies:

A tool for understanding and quantifying model uncertainty: Sensitivity Analysis for Everyone (SAFE)

Dealing with the implications of climate change for landslide risk

European windstorm risk: Which windstorm footprint characteristics are most damaging?

Evaluating the importance of spatial complexity and uncertainty in predicting and managing floods

Forecasting volcanic ash transport using satellite imagery and dispersion modelling

Impact of inaccurate earthquake magnitude to tsunami loss estimation: A tsunami early warning perspective

Incorporating tectonic information in probabilistic seismic hazard analysis: The effect of infrequent large earthquakes in the Malawi Rift

National scale drought risk and adaption modelling for Great Britain: Infrastructure strategies to 2050

Next generation lahar models built on uncertainty analysis

Quantification of risks to bridges from erosion and blockage: An elicitation of expert views

Real-time forecasting of algal bloom risk for lakes and reservoirs

Reducing uncertainty in streamflow predictions using reverse hydrology

Tailloss: Evaluating the risk of insolvency by estimating the probability in the upper tail of the aggregate loss distribution

The impact of flood risk information visualization on house purchasing decisions

CREDIBLE Uncertainty and Robustness Estimation toolbox (CURE)

Using weather forecasts to optimally issue severe weather warnings